Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lord, I Need a Miracle

Happy 4th Anniversary to Josh and I : )

Being married for 4 years isn't the reason I need a miracle! This song has just spoken many words to me the past 2 days.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainforest Cafe

Saturday after Josh's bball game he, myself, Tinslea, Jodi, Chad, Amber and Taylor went to Opry Mills. Amber and I were looking for the girls a Christmas outfit and the rest of the gang decided to tag along to eat at The Rainforest Cafe. I was a bit concerned Tinslea wouldn't like it because she was terrified of the monkeys at the zoo. When we first walked in the had a snake hanging from the ceiling, she started screaming "Snake scare me"! This should have been our first indication that she wasn't going to like it!
Once we were seat it got worse, of all the places they seat us, we had to be my the gorilla! Tinslea hung onto Jodi and would NOT leave her lap. Tay did really well, she wouldn't quit staring at them.

Our Sweet Tay Tay

The Gorilla

Tinslea still so scared - she didn't even eat!!

Tinslea and Tay! - Can't tell they LOVE one another can you?!?!

Tinslea and JoJo - this was while the animals were and making their noises and moving around.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Louisville Zoo/E-Town Park

Our Trip to the Zoo

Tinslea feeding the duck.

Enjoying the Park.

What a FACE!! This has to make you smile!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat

After visiting family we made our way to Mark and Missy for Trick or Treating. Tinslea wasn't much into the whole Halloween thing this year so we didn't get her a costume, she just wore a lil pumpkin outfit.

Here are a few pics from our Halloween night...
Hunter and Talon ready to scare little innocent Tinslea. She now keeps saying "Hunna Talon scare me" and she used to LOVE Hunter!! Then she'll say "Hunna Talon bad bad bad bad wolf"

And Yes Josh dressed up like Mark!

Talon, Mark and Josh
How about that Mario LOL

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Couple Tinslea Stories

A couple Tinslea stories...

Saturday she got into my mascara while I was trying to get dressed. I told her to go look in the mirror and wash her face. Forgetting I had told her this I went on with my business and Josh came into the room about 10 min later and said go look in the bathroom....Tinslea had carried a chair from her bedroom into the bathroom, climbed on the counter and was brushing her teeth gel!!

Tinslea refuses to believe that she's 2. You tell her 2 she says 3. Lastnight we were sitting in the livingroom talking..

Me -Tinslea how old are you?

Tinslea - 3

Me - How old is Daddy?

Tinslea - Daddy 21 Mommy 21

Jodi - How old am I Tinslea?

Tinslea - 3

Jodi - No Tinslea I'm 21

Tinslea - No "yous" 3 my Daddy 21

Now that HAD to make you SMILE : )

Friday, October 23, 2009

What if His People Prayed

As I sit here pondering a huge decision (about work) all I can think about is prayer. Am I basing my decision on what my mind is telling me or am I following what God wants me to do? I’ve decided to completely let it go, pray about it over the weekend and by Monday, hopefully he will have given me peace and I will make not only make the right decision for myself but also my family. I believe in all my heart his will will be done. He will not lead me in the wrong direction, I just need to have the faith to leave it up to Him.

Wonder what things would be like if we turned it all over to him? What IF His People Prayed???

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2nd Annual Hayride

10/10/09 Josh organized his 2nd Annual Hayride at Grandma Linda's. This year we expanded and invited more people. As you can see below we had quite a few to attend -and some weren't even in the picture.
Those who attended:
Grandma Linda, Poppi, Uncle Allen, Kathy, Markus, Bethie, Jessi, Charlie, Jake, Hunter, Chad, Amber, Taylor, Dad, Jodi, Josh, Myself, Tinslea, Aunt Sue, Amy, Scott, Angie, Tyler, Alison, Lloyd, Melissa, Heather, Seth, Jeremy, DD, Ava,Jon Aronld and Leann.
Anyone who knows Jessi - knows she likes to scare people! Well, she hid on the side of River Road waiting for us to drive by and jumped out and scared us - well not really everyone was expecting this b/c when Jessi didn't ride along everyone knew she was up to something (esp. after last year). So after she jumped out she got on the wagon and we were riding along and she jumped off and ran around the back of the wagon and scared Tyler - This was the funnies thing ever - Tyler's exact words were "OH SH*T!!!!!!!!!!" Poor little Seth was a little disturbed by the "monster" a week later at our house he was still asking where the "monster" was.
We all had a wonderful time, enjoyed some delicious food/desserts and most of all just being together!

OH and just wanted to let everyone know that if you see our child - NO we haven't lost our minds!! She has been having a difficult time lately and we aren't sure why but we are trying our hardest to figure out why and pick our battles with her. She is 2 1/2 and has always slept in her own bed until lastweek, now she is sleeping with us. I honesly think this whole Halloween thing has her shook up. Melissa took her down the Halloween isle at Walmart and since then she's been in the bed with us. Dad and I also took her to look at costumes but she wouldn't even look at them - she was scared to death! Yesterday we were playing in her new playhouse and she all of the sudden said "there a monster outside" then opened the door and said "go away monster". So anyways we are dealing the best we know how...and that's giving her her way LOL. This morning she decided she wanted me to take her to school so as I was getting her dressed she said she wanted to wear her princess gown (Joline the one you sent us). Guess what I LET HER! She wore her purple princess gown, jeans, socks and nike shoes to school!!! It just wasn't worth the battle!